19 February 2011

Week 3 Theme Challenge

Goodness, last week was yet another glorious week  here at "Less is More" with so many amazing entries for this most difficult of Clean and Simple techniques.
Some people commented that it was a very quick job to do. Some may find it easier than others...  speaking for ourselves, we both think it takes time to think about proportion and positioning, colour and the general composition of the card as a whole. It's not just a case of whopping a couple of stamps onto a card and saying it's done. We need to be critical of what we do if we are to achieve the best possible outcome.
Some crafters have expressed a wish to become more comfortable with this type of card making and would welcome 'constructive criticism'. We are happy to do this, but would not wish to offend in any way at all. Sometimes the view of another person can focus one's own perception of one's work.
Here is a comment we received from Jenny.
"Great challenge girls and thanks for taking the time to visit and comment on both my entries. I am so glad there is someone out there who is willing to be constructive and not just say how lovely when something is so obviously wrong. My first entry wasn't right and thank goodness I was able to reduce the size and remove the HUGE word, it is now a C6 size and looks so much better. 
Jenny x"
Lorraine writes
I really value your help and I would like to improve at this style :-)  I  would like you to always tell me as it is ,,, I don't need ,,, fabby card etc etc blah blah ,, lol ,, we can all write those lol :-) I really do appreciate criticism and would never be offended ,, :-) ,,, so please ,,, be as brutal as ya like ,, I can take it :-) ,,, and THANKS !!
Lots of you have been absolute stars in visiting fellow entrant's blogs and getting to know our challenge community. We would urge you to continue to spend a little time doing this and even if it's only 10 visits, you would be making 10 people very happy! In order to save time and make commenting easier for those wonderful people who have commented on SO many blogs...

You can do this by going to Design, then under the Settings tab click Comments and then click NO for word Verification. You can select Always for Blog owners approval should you be concerned about unwelcome comments.Thank you so much.

On to this week and we have a Theme challenge... the theme is
There are no other restrictions apart from the those in the guidelines for a C&S card.

For this card I used a digi image from Fred She Said, coloured with Bundled Sage DI and a hint of Perfect Pearls Interference Green, used with a water brush. The sentiment was done on the computer.  Here is a quick tutorial on how I did it in Microsoft Word 2007.
  1. Click Insert and then click Text box and insert the appropriate number of boxes (for this I used 3, one for Spring, one for Blossom and one for the rest of the text)
  2. Divide your sentiment into components and write the parts in separate boxes
  3. Change the fonts to the size and style you prefer. [I wanted a mixture of script (Precious)and type (Calibri)]
  4. Highlight the boxes and click on Format and then the arrow on Text Box Styles
  5. When the box pops up drag the Transparency toggle to 100% and click OK
Leave the box outlines in place at this time to allow them to be moved into position more easily.
  • When highlighted, the boxes can be moved around and overlapped and because of the transparency setting, the text will not be obliterated by another box.
  • I created spaces between the words in the typewritten section to allow for the risers and descenders of the script.
  • When happy with the positioning, (boxes can be fine tuned by highlighting and using the arrow keys to manipulate them) select all the text boxes together by holding shift and highlighting them, and when in the Format tab, click Shape Outline and select No Outline. If you right click at this stage and group the boxes, the sentiment will stay as a unit and can then be moved around the page.
I popped the image into a text box too, so that I could place that exactly where I wanted it.

and now it's over to me, Mandi...

I too used the computer for my sentiment, using the 'text box' method.
It's invaluable when you don't have the right stamp for your required sentiment!

As you can see I have 2 cards to show you which I coloured!! not my favourite activity that's for sure lol

The image is from Paper Garden Projects

Fonts Used:
Card 1 Juice ITC and Scriptina
Card 2 Calibri and Jellyka Saint-Andrew's Queen
Available from Dafont.com
As you can see they are pretty much the same, I made the larger crocus one first, thought it looked 'wrong' and the second evolved. I then couldn't decide which one I liked best!
Our lovely neighbour Jenny has one of them now as it was her birthday yesterday.

The first thing I did was the sentiment. I tend to do this as it gives the base of the design.
A little tip next..
When I'm going to stamp directly onto the base of a card, I stamp the image onto a scrap piece of the same card to test how it stamps.
In this way I discover whether a bit more pressure over all or part of the design is required and also to see how the card fares too. I often use hammer or linen textured and use the back of the card, which is the smoother side, to give even texture. I then roughly cut around the test image to check for placement on the card! Printed the font in black, the digi is outlined in black, then the line background also in black,
which ties everything together. I stamped and coloured the images and added crystal glaze to the flowers as Crocuses are always 'wet' looking to me as they are so low to the ground and often in the damp grass!

As usual we would ask you to link directly to your card not just to your blog and to link back to this challenge within your post.
We can't wait to see your creations and do look out for the newly ShowCASed cards in the slideshow very soon.


    1. Hi Mandi & Chrissie

      Last week was awesome - so many lovely cards. I didn't make it around all the cards this time :) I really like the challenge for this week - perfect!! The crocus are just coming out in my garden and there are snowdrops all over the banks in the village - now if only there was some sun today too!!

      Take care. Deborah x

    2. Good morning Chrissie & Mandi
      OMGosh Chrissie - I am loving your tutorial on creating sentiments in word - thank you soooooooo much!
      I have just had a little play to see if I could do it and with your clear guide - I could - yippee!!
      I will have a proper play later and hope to get a card done for this week.
      Have a fab day
      Debs xx

    3. For me, printing an image and sentiment isnt a handcrafted item - I could go to the shops and buy one of those type of cards.

    4. Hi Chrissie and Mandi.
      Lovin` the challenges and this weeks is fabulous, can`t wait to get inky.
      I have to disagree with Anon. I do most of my sentiments on the computer, that way you can personalise cards by putting a name or a special saying on. Even digi stamps have to be coloured which I find the most difficult part of an image.
      Lynne xxx

    5. In answer to your comment Anonymous, I doubt whether you could buy a card with the exact sentiment you wanted with the precise image you wanted and personally hand-coloured with a specific recipient in mind. So whether digi or rubber stamped it is still a personally hand-crafted item.

    6. This challenge is fantastic. Keep up the good work Chrissie and Mandi. I do agree with what was said about saying it as it is but please be gentle with me as I am a wimp.
      I love the tutorial part of your challenges and have already learnt so much in the last 3 weeks. I totally disagree with 'anon' as it is not just a question of printing the text -there is a far more creative process going on there - choosing the words the style and spacing. I think it's brilliant to be able to mix and match stamping and computer design.
      I just wish I could master this style but with the help of you too stars maybe I will.
      I didn't go round commenting last week as it was a particularly hectic week but I will this time.
      Thanks again for all you do.
      Ann xxx

    7. I am loving the challenges! Thank you so much for the challenges. I also disagree with anon, I love hybrid work and although I don't do a lot of it, I adore the idea of personalising things exactly.... Thanks once again for the challenges!

    8. Another wonderful challenge this week girls! I look forward to trying the computer printed sentiment on my hand crafted card. Thank you both for this weeks helpful tips and please, tell us what you really think.....well me anyway!!!

    9. Another fab challenge girls....I don't know why it is showing no image for inlink but it still takes you to me post. I've moved blog girls so it might be beacause I'm with wordpress.

      I've moved blogs :D

      I agree Chrissie .......shame Anonymous had to be Anonymous to make this statemant.

      Looking forward to seeing everyones Spring Creations


    10. Thank you for another fab challenge there have been some fantastic cards produced. I also welcome constructive criticism as it is good to learn from all you talented crafters out there. I too have to disagree with Anon it can be more difficult geting the positioning of an image and sentiment on the computer than with stamps. I will have to get my thinking cap on for this weeks challenge.

    11. I loved last week - so many fab cards to visit, and SO MANY lovely bloggers visiting me and leaving lovely comments! I'm still new to blogging and this is by far my favourite challenge blog around, everyone is so friendly! Thanks so much Chrissie and Mandi for creating this challenge for us all to enjoy.

      I look forward to seeing everyone's cards this week and will try to visit as many as I can.

      Laura x

    12. Hi chrissie and Mandi,thank you for another wonderful challenge and beautiful cards with some fabulous tips.


    13. Good morning Chrissie and Mandi. Your challenge cards are beautiful. I am so enjoying doing this challenge and I shall look forward once again to more blog visits.


    14. Another word of thanks from a newbie blogger and first time challenge participant! Can't believe how lovely everyone has been. I've never tried printing directly onto a card, I imagine it takes a fair bit of time and practice to place words/image exactly where you want them to go. Thanks again for the inspiration.

    15. Hi Chrissie and Mandi - your cards are beautiful. I really enjoy these challenges as it does make you think about the stamps you use and I also enjoy the inspiration from other entrants.

    16. Hi Mandi & Chrissie another fantastic challenge girls and all 3 of the cards you've shown us this week are lovely, thanks for the inspiration.
      As to 'constructive criticism'...bring it on!!! I wanna learn from you girls so I want to know if and where I'm going wrong, you two know what you're doing with this style of card so I'm here to learn from you both and welcome your opinion.
      Now on to Mrs Anonymous; I've had anonymous comments like this from what I call "Moaning Minnie's" (see my ranting about them over on my Totally Tilda challenge blog) how cowardly they are to hide their identity and not be brave enough to stand up and speak out from their own blog, probably coz they don't know what they are talking about .....You always get one don't you !!! My advice to them is "If you got nothing nice to say crawl back under you rock and keep your trap shut!!" there I've had my say and I did'nt do it anonymously !!lol
      You girls keep up the good work...I'm off to think about Spring, Have a great weekend
      Hugs Susie Sugar xx

    17. WOW another super week. Love the challenge thanks for starting it up. Hazelxoxo

    18. Another interesting challenge. I too am enjoying your blog - it's really making me think. I have even taken to keeping a notebook at the side of my bed, then when I wake at 3am with a CAS idea, I can jot it down before it escapes me... lol***
      Totally agree with your 'constructive criticism' comments. I find it dificult to step back and evaluate my own work, so appreciate your candid comments. Keep them coming. :o)
      Caroline xxx

    19. Another challenging challenge and great DT cards to inspire. Thanks for the words of advice! ikki

    20. Hi everyone. Am loving having a go at the challenges and really focusing hard on design. I have appreciated your comments and particularly that you encourage others to take time out to comment on fellow crafters cards. I enjoy participating because so many people do look and have something to say. I do feel though that sometimes it is difficult to put into words constructive reviews of the cards and I am personally learning this from being part of this challenge blog, but I do personally still appreciate the basic comments, if nothing else it shows someones initial reaction to your card and that in itself is something to be valued. Keep up the good work, this blog is a real education.

    21. Constructive criticism is always welcomed, how else would we learn? I am sooooo annoyed that 'Anonymous' didn't have the courage of his/her convictions and post using their name....then maybe we could have popped over to their blog and gained some knowledge from their work?????????
      Keep up the good work, this is a great blog and I am enjoying every minute.

    22. Thank you so much for the tip about the sentiment in Word. Those text boxes are something I've never quite got to grips with (never had anyone explain it before either) so hopefully a whole new world of sentiments will open up for me now.
      Beryl xx

    23. Thank you for this wonderful challenge site, I really enjoyed week 1 and 2. I usually do my sentiment in Miscrosoft Publisher (similar to word) but I would welcome when you do your sentitments if you could tell us the fonts you have used, I would especially like to know the font that Mandi used on her first card for the word 'Spring' Off now to do my spring card.

    24. I think it's really good that you can print sentiments, even with loads of sentiment stamps I still struggle sometimes to find the right one. I agree it's a shame anon had to be anon but each to their own, as they say -they'll just have to carry on buying from the shops and let us crafters enjoy creating :0)
      Thanks for the site ladies, it's just so inspiring.
      Margaret x x

    25. P.S. Please can you tell us what fonts you use (as already requested) I spend more time trying different fonts than making the cards!!!
      Margaret x

    26. Thanks for the challenge and the honour to be showcased!! I´ve added my Spring card!


    27. A lovely challenge this week, and may I say what a friendly bunch of crafters you all are! I've had so many lovely comments today for my entry, I am truly grateful. It is so nice to see some comments, it can be a bit demoralising when you enter a challenge and not even the hosts or the DT team bother to comment at all. As for the debate on printed sentiments, I would use them myself, but I'm so computer illterate I nearly broke my printer this morning lol! I have a few digi images, but my problem is resizing and placing on the card, it's just experimentation and practice I guess! And the plus for digi stamps is they are generally much cheaper, and no storage space needed! Kepp up the good work ladies, I'm off to have a look at all your lovely blogs xxx

    28. Thank you for the challenge, your card Chrissie is beautiful, and is the inspiration behind my entry.
      Regards Sue

    29. So much fun finding this site! I adore the fact you are throwing out tidbits of info! Text box...DUH! I LOVE that idea and never thought about it!! You 2 rock~

    30. Another great challenge, I have been too busy looking at everyone else's cards that I have not even done my own yet. Need to get my head into gear.

    31. My stamps are somewhat limited, so I was thrilled to read the tutorial about WORD text boxes. I will play with it and hopefully have an entry this week. Great blog, girls!

    32. I love this challenge as it forces me to try new techniques and I always learn something from other peoples entries. Also you are the friendliest bunch of people ever - and very happy to share knowledge and technique and for us newbies that is the best bit - even when I find the challenge hard, like this week - I am glad I have done it - just for all the other stuff I learn and think about whilst looking at other peoples blogs - thanks xxx

    33. Woohoo! Thanks for the challenge. This one is wonderful and I even did a little hybrid work and ended up making 3 cards!! I use Word for work all the time...I tend to forget that it can be used for "fun" stuff too! LOL!

    34. hey Mandi and Chrissie, week 3!! my goodness :) :) got my wee card on my blog, loving your cards, beautiful :) xx

    35. Thank you both Chrissie and Mandi for a wonderful intro to CAS cards. It certainly shows we are now all thinking of where to place our images and the design, whether they be stamped or digitally placed.

      Personally I love my computer and sometimes can spend 2 or 3 hours placing and changing the place of the image and sentiment until I am satisfied and adding little things like bling and glitter or even flowers etc when the card calls for it.

      As for Anon's comments "I could go to the shops and buy one of those type of cards." my customers come to me because they say it is like a "bought" card but better!!!! I suppose that's why I have so many requests for custom cards and I suppose that is why most people here sell their cards.

    36. Thanks Chrissie and Mandi for this great blog spot! I'm loving the tutorials and getting to see all the other blogs. Everyone is so friendly and leave lovely comments on all our efforts!
      Keep up the good work xx

    37. Hello Ladies

      Your cards, as ever, are fabulous - its very clear why you two are together running this fantastic, and may I say very popular challenge blog.

      While my cards have never always been CAS, I have to say that it came very easy to me and I really didn't struggle to step away from the bright papers and emblishments - each style has its place - and other cards will still get that treatment. However, for a classy, and highly professional looking card - it has to be CAS. That is purely my own opinion - so I am a massive fan of this blog as it enables me to do what I enjoy doing.

      The comment from anonymous wasn't factually correct - you CANNOT get this card from ANY card shop - because what is created here by so many individials is truly and completely original - not mass produced for a mass market - with everyone but no-one in particular in mind. That is why people handcraft their own cards, and why people adore recieving handcrafted cards - because someone has not only poured creativity into it - but genuine love too. I've never see a card that matches that description in Clintons, Hallmark or the Card Factory yet... not that I have a need to go because all my friends and family almost insist on a handcrafted card - CAS or not!

      Paula x x x

      p.s. I'm pleased to say that I do most of my work on the pc - and am not afraid to admit it - because I also have the skills to do that too and am proud of the fact!!!

      Thank you again Chrissie and Mandi for another great week - even if i wasn't able to join in last week for family reasons. xx

    38. Hi Chrissie & Mandi,
      I am really glad I found your blog.
      I loved joining in the challenge last week and am trying to think of something for this week I had a bit of a play around today but still not happy oh well I will just have to try again tomorrow hehe can't wait there's just not enough hours in a day to craft.

    39. I'm here again ladies, my first entry was done totaly in SCA2. This is anew programme to me and i feel the need to use it and learn all the things it can offer. I am becomming a little addicted to C&S and have now entered another card, this too was mostly digital and hopefully you will not think it too shabby.

      I am amused by the reaction to your anon comment, we will always get one and you have yours this week. The only comment I am going to make is no matter what you want there is always a way to buy it, if not in a high street shop then craft fayres etc., the important thing is to get pleasure from what you do and if that is sitting for a few hours at a pc, moving things around and getting the placement just right then who has the right to say their way is better?

      I don't like to do all types of crafts but it doesn't mean my way is right or better, so Anon do your own thing but don't critise others for wanting to do theirs.

      Jenny x

    40. Hi Chrissie & Mandi,

      I too am thoroughly enjoying your challenges. I think it will make me a better crafter as I try to continually improve. Everyone has been fantastic with all their comments. Constructive criticism is welcome too as sometimes you do get a bit lost in a project.

      Aileen x

    41. I 100% agree with Lorraine! Some people consistently turn out really great designs. I'm not one of them, however I'd like to be! I have no formal art or design training and REALLY value comments on composition, color, ect. You know, all the jargon that goes with graphic design and art! My family tells me how much they love my stuff - I'd appreciate fellow crafters to tell me what they really believe!

    42. Thanks so much for another great challenge this week and I have posted my card - I agree with what you say about constructive criticism and it is welcomed especially when stepping outside the comfort zone. Thanks also for the great tutorial although I couldn't get it to work exactly (had trouble with the grouping) but then I know different versions of Word have different features but I will persevere. Pity 'anon' didn't have the courage to name his or her self!!

    43. Thanks Ladies, for another fun challenge. We've got a while before spring shows itself down here but found myself looking forward to it already!

    44. Loving the challenges some beautiful creations. Anon each to there own.

    45. Once again, thankyou for the inspiration and will be trying your tutorial soon. Your blog is super and I realy appreciate the folk calling to look and comment on my efforts.

    46. Hiya,

      Just wanted to say a big thank you for your weekly challenge. It's making me do something different each week. I fall asleep on a Saturday night planning my CAS card, how sad am I!

      You are my second favourite challenge (Penny Black Saturday will always own my heart). So Saturday has now become a bit of a red letter day!

      Thanks again, Liz x

    47. It took me a while to come up with an idea - but I am really pleased with the finished card. Thanks for another great challenge.

    48. Just read back and read all the comments (hope to go blog hopping later) and read the anon comment - I suppose anyone can pop into a card shop when they have 5 minutes and hand over cash for an impersonal card - but when I make a card I like to think about who I am sending it to and what I think they would like in order to make it more personal - and I know people like my Mum never throw my cards away - she probably has a stash of them somwhere!

    49. I am loving these challenges! Yes, they take a lot of thought, but the examples from everyone taking part are so inspiring! Thank you!

      luv, Mags x

    50. Hi Chrissie and Mandi, number 52 has accidentally linked her entry to this blog so we can't go and have a look, and it looks like a lovely card too! xx

    51. Hi Chrissie - have now left another link back to my blog....... not sure how the mistake happened in the first place. I have tried to delete the original one but can't.... if you are able to I would be grateful - don't want to confuse more people than normal!!! lol

      Had a slight problem with linking the text boxes as I couldn't get them all highlighted at the same time using shift key..... would it be because you have a more up to date version of Word do you think?

    52. Go girls go! you both rock! Hugs Caz no 60

    53. Hi Girls
      Awesome creations as always, luv all ya hints & tips, thank you for all your effort in makin this such a brill challenge.
      yes im back for more distructions!! feel free to moan about it i can handle it!!
      As for the anon comment shame peeps dont have the courage of their convictions!!
      If something is made by a person, either by comp or not, you would never be able to by a card from a shop like it, made with luv n care n thought for a particular person!!!!!!
      Ok off me soap box!

    54. Thank you for encouraging me to try something different, and for your comments. I've spent a lovely afternoon visiting lots of blogs and leaving comments where I could. I've also had lots of encouraging comments from other crafters too. I'll certainly be visiting here often. Jo x

    55. My version of Word is 2003 and does not have Transparency as an option, but thank you for the tutorial--it was very clear. I will still try for a card for the challenge this week.

    56. Hi ladies.

      Really enjoying the challenges! I used the word text box for my card as I had no Spring sentiments. Worked really well but my (old) printer left an inky corner which I had to round off!!


    57. Hi Chrissie and Mani
      Struggled a bit ....but really pleased now with my card can`t stop looking at it....i am getting into now... and using a few different things from my stash which have never seen daylight...Lol
      Thank you both ...you are a great team ..and have some wonderful followers...
      PS hope the baby Ok x

    58. Thankyou Chrissie and Mandi for such great tutorials and making me think about the positioning of elements on cards. How do you position on the screen of your computer depending on the size of card your printing on???
      I'm trying to use stash I already have for these challenges but so pleased I found you X

    59. This is most unsophisticated!
      I reduce the size of the page about 48%. in Word so that I can see the whole sheet.
      I position the sentiment where I think it should be about right and print onto cheap paper to test if I was close enough and then adjust if necessary!
      As I said not very scientific, but it has worked for me. If I've positioned it well, I'll save it for future use.

    60. Hi Chrissie and Mandi, I have made another card today for this challenge, I've been so inspired by all you lovely ladies - but not too sure if there is a little too much rather than less, I had an inky mistake and had to cover it, please remove it if it does not fit your challenge, Pauline xx

    61. Dear Chrissie and Mandi,
      I wish to file a complaint. Since entering your challenges I have received an abundance of lovely comments and discovered so many wonderful blogs that my housework has been neglected!
      Never mind eh?

    62. Thanks for the tips and hints you sprinkle through your postings . Thanks too to everyone who enters a project for the challenges . YOU ARE ALL AWESOME!

    63. Just wondered if you had any templates for use in word for the difgferent sizes of cards. I always find it difficult to get everything in the right position on my card for when it is printed.

    64. Thank you for the Award!! Much appreciated.... just need to think of something interesting to say about me!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    65. Great challenge, thanks! Your samples are lovely - I just wish the weather here was listening to us!

    66. Chrissie, thanks ever so much for you comments on my latest card, now I know why I didn't like it, it was supposed to be a square card!!!!!!!! :)

      I am learning so much from this blog and have to thank you both.

    67. This comment has been removed by the author.

    68. I just wanted to say big thank you for the comments I had on mt card as it was my 1st go at this type of card ,I wanted to ppl to be honest with me . I do 100% agree that the wording I put on my card was just not right , but could nt think why till ppl told me , so later on I am going to try again . And who dose nt like to craft lol

    69. Hello Chrissie and Mandi, your tutorials are really inspiring so thank you for that. I've worked with Microsoft Word and used the MS DTP software, Publisher, for decades but had not thought of using either for making cards. But it is especially useful for CAS cards and although I'm still struggling with keeping it simple I've managed to produce something this week and have linked it in. Elizabeth xx

    70. Chrissie and Mandi, you have sent everybody into a frenzy with this blog. You are giving all the right tips for people who may be afraid of using the computer. People are making beautiful cards with the most simplest of craft stuff.So people are challenging themselves more. All the comments people have left have been fab. I have left a Thankyou on my blog for each and everyone of you that commented on my last two entries. Don't be afraid to mix different styles when crafting.

    71. Hi Chrissie and Mandi,
      Wow another fab challenge and your cards are beautiful - AGAIN!! I love how you give hints and tips on your blog to help us mere mortals. As for Mrs Anonymous - if you think you can go into a shop and buy cards like the ones submitted here then you really need to get out more. It is a shame you chose to be anonymous - have the courage of your convictions and if you have a comment have the guts to put your name to it. We are all entitled to an opinion but most of us have the bottle to be open about it. It may be computer generated but there is still alot of thought that goes into these cards - obviously something you have never tried!
      Rant over.
      Keep up the good work girls - this is a great challenge blog and I love it!
      Dawn x

    72. I've just found your blog. It looks fabulous - clean & simple - that's how I like to craft. Following you now so I don't miss any future challenges, not sure I'd manage this one in time.

    73. thank u so much for the single-layer tutorial above---I DID IT!! (And that's an accomplishment for me!) cards r beautiful --my favorite style is CAS!!!!!


    74. Hi Chrissie, Many thanks for the kind comment you left on my blog about my submission for this week. Just to clear things up, I don't and didn't think that your site is a digital site. I've re-read my post and can see exactly what you are referring to, now :( I will go in and edit the post now so there is no more confusion :) Elizabeth x

    75. What can I say...this is a brilliant site, so big thank you for the inspiration and tutorials, have been brave and had a go at some word art, mixed results, not totally got the hang of it yet, but will persevere!!
      AND big thank you for the lovely comments and visits I received last time. As my blog is a bit alternative (budget crafting!) I have been touched how supportive people have been, I truly believe it doesn't matter what you use to make a card (paint, bought products, stamps, recycled stuff or computer generated), if it's an original made by you...it's handmade!! Personal thought and creativity is the important part.
      Have fun all!! Diane x

    76. Chrissie I'm with you 100% honey. They are still hand crafted. They are still designed by us and coloured by us and decorated by us. Anonymous is missing out greatly by not making these types of card. They take a lot of planning to stay "simple" so in fact they aren't so simple to do.
      And all I can say is ..... WOW WOW WOW just look at all those fabulous entries again this week! I'm in awe of everyones and will try to leave comments again for a few this week. Way to go everyone! You all rock!xx

    77. Thanks Chrissie and Mandy, I entered challenge 1, didn't make 2, my attempts were rubbish, just entered 3.
      I am learning so much from you guys and all the cardmakers who submit, so thanks again.
      Jenjoy x

    78. Thank you so much for this blog challenge - I have learnt SO MUCH from other people on here, who have kindly and constructively made suggestions which are making me a better crafter and also have more of an eye for design and technique - its brilliant

    79. I like card 1 better, Scriptina is a great font and the whole thing looks well planned. The circle looks like it's either hiding a mistake or an afterthought. Just my opinion.

    80. Oh Kate your comment really made me laugh out loud this morning!
      No, no mistake. It would be in the bin!
      thank you for your honesty

    81. ma première tentative pour ce challenge, j'aime beaucoup le concept, merci pour ce chouette challenge, biz

    82. Hi Chrissie and Mandi...i'm alittle behind with congratulating you on such a fantastic challenge blog...and i'm so sorry i missed the last two weeks...i hope to join in every week from now on :0)...thanks for this weeks theme.

      Have a fab day
      Take care
      San x

    83. Oh my goodness what a lot of entries you have had this week just entered mine hope you like it
      Jacki xx

    84. I just found your challenge blog and I am loving it. I love CAS cards and it's nice to have a place for CAS style card makers. :)

    85. I LOVE this new challenge...I'v been trying to find time to do a challenge since you started!!
      Love the inspirational cards and tutorials posted so far :)

      Jenny x

    86. Hi again ladies thanks for the advice on the card no I didn't mind at all I have done another one would you mind popping back over to the same post I have put it together with the other one and I think it looks a lot better
      again thanks
      Jacki xx

    87. thanks again yep I prefer the second one much better than the first so me thinks a lesson has definately been learned "less IS more" lol
      Jacki xx

    88. I just found this blog and wow! I love it..I will be trying to take part pretty soon! Thanks for this..I'm starting to love the CAS style and this is perfect!

    89. So many fabulous cards made for this challenge - obviously struck a spark in our imaginations. I'm really enjoying these challenges

      Thanks everyone


    90. Thank you so much for the award and for show-casing my entry last week, it really means a lot to me. Your challenge blog is the only one that's got me really excited. And I don't think I'm alone in feeling that way! I've been away this week so I may not get a chance to join in (so annoying when Life happens!) but will be back as soon as I can! Thanks again, Vx

    91. Thanks again for another super challenge this week Ladies. Your cards are truly inspiring.
      Thanks also for my award...much appreciated :)

      Also thank you everyone who has taken the time to pop across to my blog and leave comments on the last 2 weeks entries I really appreciate it.

      Kerry x

    92. Thank you very much for your wonderful challenges, love your blog, there are so many beautiful entries to look at.

    93. Don't know how you get the time to sort out the challenges, read all the posts and design, phew!!! Wanted to add my thanks for another great challenge.
      I didn't seem to have a style, always trying out new ways of trying to pile on the embellishments, sometimes it worked... Think i have now found something i really enjoy to do:-)

    94. I'm so disappointed! I missed getting my entry in by a few minutes thanks to an issue with my computer freezing!!!! Dang!!

      Oh well, here it is for you anyway...
      Nancy's Creative Mess


    95. What a fabulous response yet again - if I had managed to get my entry in at all and Nancy (above) had been in time it would have just tipped over the 200 entries - do you think that's a record, after all the challenge blog has only been "live" for 3 weeks. Congratulations and thanks to Chrissie and Mandy for all their efforts.

    96. hi all
      the card i entered and you deleted was clean and simple compared to my usual style, sorry i didnt meet the criteria this time ,will try harder next time
      tracey x

    97. Hi Ladies..your challenge is `fab`I did create two cards for this Challenge,but didnt get it on intime but you can see them here anyways


      hope to get roud to joining in soon!
      Thnakyou:) x

    98. Hi ladies

      Just found your blog (which is great BTW) and I shall be entering your challenges! Just wanted to thank you for the tutorial for word text boxes - what a great tip - I've been using word for years and didn't know that - but now I can create my sentiments in a more creative way - so thank you once again!


    99. I just read about this text box tutorial on Jenny's blog so I thought I'd come have a look. I thought I knew how to use the text box options, but oh my goodness...I have learnt so much! Thank you for the tips...just shows that even when you think you know what you're doing you can still learn something!

      Lizy x



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